If you are planning on voting in the upcoming elections that begin with early voting April 19 (next Thursday), I ask that you please use the link below to check your voter status. Unfortunately some residents over the last couple of weeks have found themselves registered without their knowledge, some have found their affiliation changed without their knowledge, some have found out that their addresses have been changed without their knowledge, some are receiving voter confirmation mail at their address for persons that don’t live there and unbelievably some have found out that deceased relatives are being registered to vote. Massive hauling efforts will be taking place and fraud has been evident in past elections and have already became apparent in this upcoming election. Complaints have already been filed with proper authorities and extra 👁’s and surveillance will be on hand. If you have such an instance, I don’t mind you notifying me but please call the board of elections direct at 910-671-3080.

So in saying this, please use the link below and check for yourself and make sure you are good to go. I am seeking the votes of the good honest citizens of this county and ask that you please get out and VOTE. Bring an honest friend, family member or neighbor with you.

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