From Burnis:

For clarification of a couple rumors I was asked about today by some concerned voting citizens of the west side of Robeson County that suggested I put this post out:

1. I left the Robeson County Sheriffs Office in 1992 after serving as the Chief of Detectives to accept employment with the NC Department of Crime Control & Public Safety, a position I held until late 2002. I was stationed in Wilmington, sold my home in Littlefield area and moved to Wilmington and later to the beach at Surf City. I came back to Lumberton PD after 10 years with the DCCPS. I was not living in Robeson County and I did NOT work under the then Glenn Maynor administration nor was I part of the Tarnish Badge Investigation. I was NOT investigated during this nor was I here.
2. I have NEVER been investigated or suspected of any crime during my 36 years of sworn service.
3. I am running a qualification based campaign and have not directed anyone to dig up dirt or do videos on other candidates or their campaign staff. I am a trained investigator and could do it myself and would certainly not have an issue alerting the public of my findings. However again, we are running a clean qualification based campaign without the assistance of any “special interest groups”. I have said many times for the voting public to do their own homework on ALL candidates including myself and check out the rumors you hear. Most information you may be hearing is public record and can be found by simply asking for it and/or researching it on the internet or the courthouse.

Sadly rumors will continue to be spread by a certain few that are working wholeheartedly against my efforts to clean this county up which would possibly involve those very few people. I have been as open as possible and have answered every question asked. My integrity as a Sworn law enforcement officer has NEVER been questioned in any state or federal court. I am still a Sworn Law Enforcement Officer even after retirement and have forged relationships within all levels of government and have their backing if elected as your Sheriff. To the honest good citizens of Robeson County, I stand ready to serve you to the best of my ability to rid this county of Crime & Grime. Thank you.

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