Burnis Wilkins is a 35 year sworn law enforcement veteran seeking to become the Sheriff of Robeson County in 2018.

Burnis is one of those rare people that puts others before himself and he has been doing that since he was a teenager. In 1976 at the age of only 16 he began his service to the Public in Robeson County when he became a volunteer Tele-communicator for then Director of Communications, Joe B. Freeman and the famous Malcolm McLeod who ran the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office.

As Sheriff of Robeson County, Burnis seeks to improve the working relationships between all law enforcement personnel and 1st Responders. He also seeks to improve and join forces with agencies within the county as well as state and federal partners to establish task forces to combat the huge drug problem that has eroded our county for many decades thus leading to other major crimes.

Burnis seeks a time where residents felt comfortable within their own homes and has and will continue to dedicate his life to protect the well-being of Robeson County citizens. He feels it is his ultimate responsibility as Sheriff to bring a sense of safety and security to ALL citizens in the workplace and at home.

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